Monday, July 12, 2010

Ethiopia pics

Here are some long awaited pictures from Ethiopia!

Mt Kilimanjaro from the plane:
One of many Lion of Judah statues in downtown Addis Ababa - it symbolizes the lineage of Ethiopia's emperors from King Solomon of the Bible

The massive tomb of Haile Selassie I (aka Ras Tafari), the last Emperor of Ethiopia. This picture was taken in the Holy Trinity Cathedral in downtown Addis. The vibrant colors were a complete surprise to me; without my camera's flash, the crypt was almost pitch black:
Kids playing soccer outside the Derg Monument, a massive reminder of Ethiopia's painful 1970s Communist dictatorship, which overthrew Haile Selassie and butchered a quarter-million people.
Shepherd boys cracking their whips high above Addis (seen in the background)

A rainbow arcs over an Addis Ababa slum, which abuts a brand new highway built by the Chinese

Worshipers pack the plaza outside St George Cathedral on a rainy Wednesday

The Oxford Computer Technology center and its state-of-the-art dirt road and corrugated tin siding

Great billboard in downtown Addis: showing a tribal warrior with spear and a barebreasted woman with a huge lip ring working on a computer, it reads "communication for the Ethiopian market"

Peasants load up their donkeys with firewood and I think leaves to sell in Addis Ababa's markets

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